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 Anselem Shakespeare - Dave's Campaign

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PostSubject: Anselem Shakespeare - Dave's Campaign   Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:57 pm

My character is named Anselem Shakespeare. You may have heard of his grandfather Bill, one of the greatest bards the world has ever known. Anselm is a 40 year-old half-orc who is trying desperately to find his family. Up until last year Anselm was a family man, taking care of his wife and two daughters and acting as a village elder. The disappearance of his family has forced Anselm to go looking for them, but with virtually no leads he has begun to collect stories with the hopes that his family's own story will cross that with someone more well-known.

With the preface that Dave has given us, Anselm only remembers that he's looking for something--or someone--very dear to him. He hopes that his own story will unfold out of the tapestry of tales that he collects.
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Anselem Shakespeare - Dave's Campaign
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