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PostSubject: New Campaign   New Campaign Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 8:34 pm

Well the Dark Heresy campaign was just Mart, Dan and I. Dan would rather not get involved in a campaign when down in Jersey, so I am going to scrape that campaign and would like to run a Rogue Trader campagin!

Rogue Trader uses the exact same system as Dark Heresy and takes place in 40k as well. The big difference is that you are a Rogue Trader or advisor to a Rogue Trader and part of the crew in the Kronus Expanse. The Kronus Expanse is wilderness space not controlled by the Imperium. As a Rogue Trader, it is your duty to exploit the riches, conquer worlds and generally make a profit and bring glory, wealth and fame to your Dynast (Hereditary Family that passes along the Charter or Writ of Trade).

Rogue Trader player characters are considered a bit more experienced to have reached the rank they are. Their starting equipment also represents this. If you use a Dark Heresy character, you would need to spend 5,000 XP to match a rank 1 Rogue Trader character. (*this is still less than half of what a rank 1 deathwatch Space Marine is considered to be at)

Character Classes
Rogue Trader - A leader, man of influence and power. Imagine a pirate captain in space.
Arch-Militant - Military Advisor to a rogue trader. Often an experienced combatant himself.
Astropath - A psyker required for long distance communication. Able to wield the power of the warp like magic.
Explorator - A member of the machine cult. Head of the Tech-Priests on the ship and valued member of the crew.
Missionary - Spreading the good word of the Emperor into the unknown.
Navigator - A mutant with a third eye that lets him navigate in the Warp. He is needed for long distance travel. The third eye also has some psuedo psykic powers.
Seneschal - The family account, trader and spymaster...
Void-Master - Ship Officier with experience leading and using many of the ships systems.

Anyone interested?
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New Campaign
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