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 New Tyranids rules

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New Tyranids rules Empty
PostSubject: New Tyranids rules   New Tyranids rules Icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 8:10 pm

Post I copied from someone who saw the preview copy of the codex.

I marked the second wave of changes green

Tyranid army rules:
- Synapse creature is pretty much the same except, and I cannot stretch that enough, NO more eternal warrior and before you ask: no nowhere, not on

Genestealers, not on Hive Tyrants not on Trygons NOWHERE
- there are no boss biker like wound groups for tyranids. Squads all need to take most weapon and morphes or none
- Instinctive behavior is split into 2 classes of Tyranids:
Lurkers: instantly take cover and shoot at the next target when they fail their check
Hunters: get the "blood lust" rule from te rulebook (always move and assault next enemy)
- Tyranids don't suffer normal warp attacks when rolling 11 or 66 on Psychic powers
- Tyranids never have additional close combat weapons, their profile is all they get

I'll get all the weapons and morphs out of the way first and ten just list the name in the entries.

(all weapons are assault so I'm not gonna mention that every time), I may have missed one or two simply because there are to many ^^

Venom Cannon:
R 36 S 6 AP 4 Assault 1 Blast
get -1 on the tank damage chart

Heavy Venom Cannon:
R 48 S 9 AP 4 Assault 1 Blast
get -1 on the tank damage chart

Barbed Strangler:
R 24 S 4 AP 6 Assault 1 Large Blast

Stranglethorn Cannon:
R 36 S 6 AP 4 Assault 1 Large Blast

R 18 S 4 AP 5 Assault 1

R 18 S 4 AP 5 Assault X (X= Number of Attacks), always twinlinked

Sting blaster:
R 12 S 5 AP - Assault 1

Spike blaster
R 18 S5 AP 5 Assaukt 4

Someother weirs sounding weapon:
R 18 S 3 AP 6 Assault 2

Texorin Bugs:
3 fire modes, may be fired additionally to all oter weapons
R Flaming S * AP - Assault 1, allways wounds on 2+ against non Tanks
R Flaming S 5 AP 5 Assault 1
R Flaming S 3 AP 6 Assault 1, rending

Death blasters:
R 18 S 5 AP 5 explosive


Toxin Sacs:
ALL units may buy these, the squad gains poison attacks (4+)

Adrenal Gland:
ALL units may buy these, the squad gains Furious Charge

Spore launcher:
Grants Frag granades (only bigbugs)

To wound rolls of 6 cause the loss of all wounds instead of one

Felsh hooks:
Weapon R 6 S 5 AP - Assault 2

All kinds of Chitin stuff:
Ranging from 6+ Armor save to 2+

Toxic blood:
When this model loses a wound in melee the model that caused the wound must stand an I check or lose a wound with no AS allowed, tanks are hit on 4+ with a glancing hit

(Eldar scream huray)

Toxic miasma:
All enemy units in CC range with this model must take a T check or lose one wound with normal AS (Eldar don't scream huray any more Razz)

All enemy units in CC wit this model have I 1

A model losing a wound by a horn sword must pass an LD test or is killed outright. If the wound was caused by a pair of horn swords he must use 3D6 for the check

Scything talons:
Models with scything claws may reroll 1s to hit, models wit a pair may reroll all to hit rolls

Rending claws:
give rending rule in CC

Crushing Claws:
Give +D3 attacks and lower own I to 1

At the start of each turn the model recovers a wound on a 6

Model flies


Hive Tyrant:
- has WS 8
- Old profiles
- No ward save as far as I recall
- Shadows of warp: All psychers using their powers within 12 must roll 3D6, double 6 or 1 still result in an attack from the warp
- comes with scyting claws and can equip about any weapon and morph in the book
- may have two of the following psychic powers for free:
The Horror: One enemy unit within 18 must take a panic test
Life leech: R 18 unit recives D3 S 3 hits no AS, hive regains one wound for every lost wound caused this way
warp scream: R 12 enemy units WS and BS is reduced to 1 for 1 round
Dominate: Hive tyrants synapse range is 18 inches for one round
- May buy any number of these abilities for some points:
Unspeakable Horror: Units wishing to charge or shoot at the hive must pass an LD check or........ well Not shoot/attack
Vicious mind: A core unit may flank and you get +1 to all reserve rolls
Ancient enemy: All Tyranid units within 6 have arch enemy rule
- May still buy a set of guards who stayed pretty much the same except their stuff does different things now (see biomorphs) and they have 2 wounds and get furious assault and blood lust when Papa is taken down

WS 3 BS 3 S 6 T 6 W 4 I 1 A3 LD 10 AS 2+

- may spawn 3D6 termagants per movement phase which may be activated as normal, but on a double number he can no longer spawn anything fromnow on
- has spike blasters, is monstrous
- termagants within 6 may use his LD and gain counterstrike
- Has dominate psi power and may exchange it for:
The catalist: a unit within 12 gains feel no pain
The force: unit within 12 may run/sprint AND shoot

Alpha Tyranid Warrior:
WS 6 BS 5 S 5 T 5 W 4 I 5 A 4 LD 10 AS 4+

- synapse creature, shadow of warp
- may buy almost everything except the REALY heavy stuff
- tyranid warriors in his unit may use his WS and I


Hive Guards:
WS 4 BS 4 S 5 T 6 W 2 I 2 A 3 LD 7 AS 3+
- Carry Harpoons: R 48 S 8 AP 4 Assault 2, don't require LOS (just like swarmer missile systems of the Tau)
- may buy some biomorps like wrenching claws and stuff

- have 3 wounds now
- use cover, move through cover bla bla
- gives +1 to reserve rolls and acts as an teleport homer within 6
- apears anywhere on the table when available but may not move or charge that turn
- has catchers claws and AP and scyting claws

- have only 5+ armor but 3+ ward save
- same profiles
- have two psychic powers
warp lightning: R 24 S 5 AP 3 Explosive 1
Warp Lance: R 18 S 10 AP 1 Assault 1, Lance
- Don't pay for psychic powers any more so relatively cheap

- Zorantroph profiles only with 2 attacks
- has tentacle whips and toxic Miasma
- has poison attacks 2+
- all tyranid units within 6 gain a 5+ cover save, defesive granades and every enemy that charges them must test for dangerous terrain

- Biovore profile only 3 wounds
- his attacks CC ignore armor saves
- as a heavy flamer
- when killed outright explodes in flaming acid and damages everyone around


Tyranid Warriors:
- 3 wounds now
- scyting claws as a basic
- may get all weapons except for the REALLY heavy ones
- may have 2 melee biomorphes (check all the clwas in the list) even boneswords or pairs of boneswords
- synapse creatures ofc

- NO longer may charge 12
- very cheap
- 2A profile
- fleet with 3D6 and use the highest result

- even cheaper
- have two individual weapons
Toxic stinger: R 18 S 3 AP 6 Assault 1
Grapling choker: R Flaming S 2 AP - Assault 1, wounds against S not T
- every unit allows one Tervigon to be played as core

- same profile
- not subjected to instinctive behavior
- may buy a Brood Lord for almost 50 points who has more W, S, T, A, LD, WS....everything ^^
may have one of two psychic powers: one that makes genestealers count as having frag granades and one that may hypnotise , meaning bot roll an D6 and add their LD. If you are higher, the enemy may not attack
may buy some biomorphs like toxic blood

ripper swarms:
- may deep strike
- when they fail instinctive behavior they eat each other (one wound per point failed)
- not very expensive

Fast Attack:

Winged Tyranid Warriors:
- only 5 points more expensive than normal ones but worse AS (5+)
- fly obv ^^
- no options to medium heavy weapons

- SO cheap they make stormboyz seem like grey knights against them
- have FANTASY poison attacks in CC
- Termagant profiles
- have bug throwers
- fly ofc

WS 3 BS 4 S 6 T 5 W 4 I 5 A 3 LD 7 AS 4+
- monstrous creature, flyes, has a twinlinked Stranglethorn Cannon
- every unit he charges gains -1 I
- may shoot 3 spore mine on a unit he flyes over (like screamers) which causes a great blast S4 or 5 (don't remember) or three spore mines if he misses

Winged ripper swarms:
- well they are ripper swarms with wings, what else is there to say? ^^

Bulk of spore mines:
- 3-6
- deep strike and... well what do spore mines do? land somewhere and explode near smth
- explode in large blast S 4 AP 4 per guy

- still beasts
- 3 wounds WS 5 and 4 A profile
- scyting claws and wrenching claws as a given with a few options for exchange

Heavy support:

WS 3 BS 3 S 9T 6 W 4 I 1 A 4 LD 6 AS 3+
- may be taken in squads of 1-3
- pretty expensive
- need I to mention that tey may buy freaking EVERYTING? Razz
- no more profile upgrades
- have "Bulldozer Rule" that gives them +2 I on charge
- Have Bio-plasma which is a shooting attack R 12 S 7 AP 2 Explosive 1

WS 5 BS 4 S 6 T 6 W 6 I 4 A 6 LD 8 AS 3+
- may sprint
- may deep strike and leaves behind a tunnel through which other units may deep strike in subsequent turns
- may NOT charge the turn he deep strikes
- bio electric field has R 12 S 6 AP - Assault 6
- may be upgraded to alpha in which case he is a synapse creature, has LD 10, has shadow of warp, and is bio electric field has Assault 12
- slightly more expensive than a carnifex

WS 3 BS 0 S 6 T 6 W 6 I 4 A 3 LD 9 AS 3+
- may deep strike, if he apears under a unit he places a large template there which has S 6 AP 2 ten moves all remaining models aside and is placed there (not in CC)
- has fall back and sprint rule
- may dig himself in again if he is not in CC in your movement to automaticly reapear in your next movement phase

- pretty cheap
- may shott one spore mine each that explode like descrbed above

WS 3 BS 3 S 6 T 6 W 6 1 A3 LD 10 AS 2+
- monstrous
- has Texorin Bugs and ONE of the 3 following weapons :
R 48 S 10 AP 4 Assault 2
R 36 S 4 AP 5 Assault 20
R Flaming S 5 AP 4 Assault 1, is shot like the inferno cannon of the imperial hellhound

Stuff I missed so far:

Mycetic Spore:
WS 2 BS 2 S 6 T 4 W 3 I 1 A2 LD 4 AS 5+
- deep strikes
- may be bought as an transport option for most units (not trigon, Mawloc, Venators, everything with wings)
- may carry 20 infantry guys or one monstrous creature
- may shoot: R 6 S 6 AP - Assault 3
- may not move
- has tentacle whips

Special Chars
First on No EXACT profiles here. I spent more attention on the rest of the list.

The Swarmlord (HQ):
- bigger bader Hive Tyrant
- Carries two enhanced boneswords
- Whirl of blades: has a 4+ ward save in CC
- May use two psychic powers per turn
- may give one unit within 12 counterstrike, furious assault or sharp senses for one round

One Eye (heavy support):
- Carnifex char
- Regenerates on 5+
- has a small temper problem which lets him get additional attacks for hit "basic attacks" and sometimes go berserk[/color]
- units within 12 may use his LD

Horror of Malanai (Elite):
- has stat line pretty similar to an alpha warrior with T 4
- Supersonic scream: Every enemy unit within 6 must take an LD test with 3D6 and lose the amount of wounds they failed it by
- whenever he causes wounds in any way he gains one wound up to the max of 10
- Has S X where X is the number of his wounds
- Psychic storm: can fire multiple DS 3 bolts with S equal to his wounds (so X)

Death Leaper (Elite):
- better Liktor
- has some "disappear again" rule like the old sly marbo
- VERY good at backstabbing people
- VERY good at scaring people from behind for no reason ^.^

Terror of Mantrax (HQ):
- larger gargoyl
- may shoot parasites at enemies tat can turn them into ripper swarms
- every enemy non tank model that flanks must take a T test or become a ripper swarms if they fail

Ymgarl Genestealers (Elite):
- Genestealers which can Either morph up their S, T or A by one at the beginning of their turn
- may start in "tranquil rest" which means they can ambush from a certain piece of terrain instead of beeing deployed (pretty likely to the old catachans)
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Lvl 30 Blademaster

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New Tyranids rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Tyranids rules   New Tyranids rules Icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 11:57 pm

I saw this on random forums as well, I'm a bit excited to see what is true and what isn't. most of it came from a leaked German codex, hence the "Ymgarl Genestealer" which I think is the Broodlord. As for Ole One Eye, not sure if it's really back or not, but i think that's what the Trygon is.

January 2010 woot.
All I can predict from you Guard and Marine players is more flame templates. especially if the rumor that hormaguants are half the point cost. (5pts each now instead of 10)
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Lvl 30 Blademaster
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New Tyranids rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Tyranids rules   New Tyranids rules Icon_minitimeSun Dec 13, 2009 1:35 pm

The Trygon and Old One Eye are two seperate units.

The Trygon is basically a gigantic ravener. Old One Eye is a special Carnifex.

Next time I am at the game store, I'll have to ask for the store's preview copy and take a look.

In either case, there are definitely some nasty units in there. We'll have to see how they cost everything since that will determine how powerful they really are.
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Lvl 30 Blademaster

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New Tyranids rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Tyranids rules   New Tyranids rules Icon_minitimeSun Dec 13, 2009 2:34 pm

it's rumored that carnifexes now are 160 pts each, (base cost plus 2 pairs of scything talons) so any weapons are gonna add to that. but the trygon, which looks to do everything better then a carnifex, only costs 200 points.
another rumor i just heard was the venomthrope is a hell of a beast. any model with 6" of it gets a 5+ cover save, and...any model it kills it gains a wound. (max 10 wounds) talk about rough rumors.
and it looks like they nerfed the nidzilla list, and close combat in this codex. so anyone who was playing nidzilla before has to rethink their strategy.
But carnifexes now come on broods and have to be equipped identically, so you could have 9 carnifexes, and 2 hive tyrants, and a swarm or 2 or warriors and genestealers. or swap out a fex or 2 for a trygon.

saw this posted on another site, and it looks to be the new min/max list

"I predict most Tyranid armies in the future will be based around masses of Genestealers screened by Gargoyle swarms, with some Hive Guard/Zoanthropes for killing tanks, a few minimum-sized Warrior broods for camping on objectives, a cheap HQ, and as many Trygons as you've got points left for."

"Standard GW sale tactic, nerf the things people loved so much in the prior edition (and already have a lot of by now) and come with some ├╝ber unit that takes its place (and gets nerfed/balanced in the coming edition after that) so said people will by the new unit."

">You realize you can now field 9 Fexes now, instead of 6

Yea, and Imperial Guard players "can" field 9 Leman Russ tanks.

But the point cost makes it utterly prohibitive to do so. A bare-bones Carnifex is 160 points with no upgrades. So that's 1440 points minimum, with neither the compulsory HQ or Troops choices.

Good luck holding objectives with that list. It might do well in Kill Point games, but it'll be destroyed in anything else."

and this just made me lol,

"I don't play Tyranids, but the way GW obviously fucks with everyone except spess muhreens and imperial guard players makes me angry. I'm all of the sudden pretty happy that I haven't bought a single GW product these last 6 months."

I'm just gonna wait ad see how everything works once the book comes out. I do know I will pick up 1 or 2 of the new hive tyrant models though (finally come in plastic w/wings) and a trygon/mawloc (same model but different bits make it one or the other) because it looks so bad ass. [i]
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Lvl 30 Blademaster

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New Tyranids rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Tyranids rules   New Tyranids rules Icon_minitimeMon Jan 18, 2010 11:17 pm

the new book is here, it smells great. at first i was worried i wouldn't be able to use all my awesome heavy supports but then i noticed many of my former heavy supports have been moved to the Elite slot. so awesome.
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New Tyranids rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Tyranids rules   New Tyranids rules Icon_minitime

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New Tyranids rules
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