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 NPC List - Forgotten Realms

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PostSubject: NPC List - Forgotten Realms   NPC List - Forgotten Realms Icon_minitimeSun Nov 15, 2009 12:56 pm

This list will be revised and updated as necessary. Please comment and add to the list if I've not listed an NPC you remember.

NPCs - Martin's Forgotten Realms Campaign

*A Note on Names: Names are arranged alphabetically by last name. However, names are listed starting with first name.

Bairwhin - leader of a sept of the Cult of the Dragon
Halaster Blackcloak - Andreas met him in an extra-dimensional space; follower of Mystra
Erebus Blacklance - part-time party member; extremely fast and deadly; generally trustworthy
Cvaal - retired human fighter; pulled trigger on ballista for "Demon Safari"
Nathanial Deudermont - innkeeper of the Rusty Axe in Southward
Kallus Grimdeath - priest at the Halls of the Dead (church of Kelemvor)
Keira - rogue, part-time party member; Andreas' love interest
Klaxus - young blue dragon set up to become a dracolich by the Cult of the Dragon; destroyed by the party
Maaril the Dragonmage - last weilder of the dragonstaff
Muffinhead - Dwarf who enchanted our ballista bolt for the "Demon Safari"
Nanfoodle the Gnome - engineer who worked with Fargrim Stonehammer
Starmantle family - elven family whose adopted human son (Thomas) was kidnapped; Ellifain Starmantle = mother; live in Dock Ward
Sterling - guardsman in City Guard (somewhere around Temple of Tempus)
Steve the Guard - City Guard in Waterdeep; Andreas told him of the infiltration of the Cult of the Dragon; is telling his superiors about it
Fargrim Stonehammer - dwarven cleric (Clangeddin); constructs siege equipment

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NPC List - Forgotten Realms
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