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 Last-minute character creation

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Eric Gaidin
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Lvl 30 Blademaster
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Last-minute character creation Empty
PostSubject: Last-minute character creation   Last-minute character creation Icon_minitimeMon Feb 21, 2011 4:24 pm

If you're still in the process of creating your character, take a look at the campaign setting. The various locales in the book have their own local feats that you can choose from if you have an affinity for that location (and you meet other prereqs). I can't find rules for affinity anywhere, so I'm defining it as a character having for the most part grown up in that locale, or has spent a good deal of their adult life there. This would be good incentive to write a short character background.

Also, the prestige classes in the campaign setting are pretty interesting. Check 'em out.
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Last-minute character creation
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