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 Stitch Anderway - "Ladies, feel free to swoon"

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PostSubject: Stitch Anderway - "Ladies, feel free to swoon"   Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:25 pm

As the only son of a wealthy craftsman, Stitch had no need or desire to work fields or attend studies like the other children in the town of Daggerford. Though his hands were even more skilled than his father's, he also had no desire to waste his existence carving pipes and lutes.

Rather, he found enjoyment spending his time wandering the outskirts of town and laughing to himself at the fools who toil day-after-day simply to sustain their paltry lives.

It was on one such afternoon that he witnessed the ambush of a traveling merchant by a lone figure brandishing a rapier. With colorful capes and scarves flowing about him, the assailant proceeded to deftly incapacitate the two bodyguards of the merchant...heartily laughing the entire time. It took nothing more than that and a dashing pose to cause the merchant to drop his coinpurse and bolt for the nearby woods.

Making sure to slink away unseen, Stitch darted back to town enviously daydreaming of the fantastic life that this graceful scoundrel must lead. At that very moment, he knew this to be a future he desired for himself...
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Eric Gaidin
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PostSubject: Re: Stitch Anderway - "Ladies, feel free to swoon"   Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:59 pm

Andreas and Stitch are so antithetical that if we ever shake hands we may actually tear a whole in the Prime Material and get sucked into the Astral Plane! LOL.

Great story Laughing
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Stitch Anderway - "Ladies, feel free to swoon"
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