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Eric Gaidin
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PostSubject: ~~~~Beginnings~~~~   Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:28 am

Nannia Holfram juggled three colorful balls in a tight arch abover her head. The sun glinted off of each ball when it reached its apex changing the ball from a mundane yellow or blue into a fiery bedazzlement of burnt color. The crowed around her began to clap to the flute as the bard's popping notes pulled at their feet. Toes tapped energetically. At Nannia's own feet lay an open linen sack. A small handful of gold coin peeped out from within, and the bag's bulge suggested they weren't the only ones.

In front of the crowd was a stately man wearing a black vest buttoned to the neck with silver. His knee-high boots were blacker than his vest and polished to a reflective shine. His short-cropped black hair and well-trimmed, pointed goatee gave his angular face a dour look. He watched Nannia without the shared amusement of the rest of the crowd. He stood and watched with his weight shifted on one straight leg, the other relaxed and bent at the knee, as if he had a hitching post to lean on in order to support his obvious displeasure. The crowd cheered again as Nannia produced two more balls from within her sleeve and flawlessly added them to the whirling loop. The bard played faster, if that was possible, and Nannia's deft hands became a blur.

With a loud, derisive snort, the man in black pulled a fat gold coin from his side pocket and tossed it into the linen sack at Nannia's feet. The balls wavered--just for a fraction of a second--as Nannia forced herself to smile at the man and then resumed her focus. Something about him tickled the back of her memory, and she looked again--he was gone. With a cursory scan of the crowd she confirmed what she already knew she was going to find; he was not there. She began to question whether she had actually seen him, but at her feet, unmistakably, was the large gold coin. Something attracted her to stare at the coin a hair longer, something about the image minted on its face. Nannia felt the first ball strike the top of her head as her hands refused to work. The crowd's cheers changed to a wave of shocked silence as the colorful balls dropped out of the air like stones off a cliff. The coin glowed a sickly black--only to Nannia--and a throaty voice reverberated in her head. "You are mine, now." The world spun, and the crowd gasped in horror as Nannia collapsed.
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