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 Spearhead Expansion!!!

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Spearhead Expansion!!! Empty
PostSubject: Spearhead Expansion!!!   Spearhead Expansion!!! Icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 2:44 pm

The June White Dwarf with the rules for Spearhead just came out. 3 new missions and 3 new deployments. Each deployment has players starting from the a short table edge, pitting themselves against each other longways. Tanks, walkers and Monstrous creatures can claim objectives in these missions and all objectives must be placed on ground level.

The force organization chart changed to HQ 0-2, Elite 0-3, Troops 0-6, Fast Attack 0-3, Heavy Support 0-3, Spearhead Formations 0-12. There are 12 different spearhead formations that can each be taken once. These formations are kind of like Apocolypse datasheets, except they can effect up to three 3 tanks/skimmers/walkers/monstrous creatures. Some have restrictions on what can be used in that formation. The 12th lets you use a Super-heavy tank at cost, but unless it starts in reserve, it automatically suffers 1 penetrating hit at the start of turn 1.

They reccommend you playing 500 - 1000 pts more then normal games due to the emphasis on tanks. If anyone wants to play 2000 - 2500 pts, let me know.

If you log into the GW website, you can download these formations or ping me and I can e-mail it to you.

These missions look like alot of fun and I really want to mow anyone willing to step up and try one with me Laughing
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Spearhead Expansion!!!
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