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 Non-Standard Missions

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PostSubject: Non-Standard Missions   Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:27 am


These are the missions I was talking about. We would roll off and the winner gets to roll on their armies chart.


1. First Contact
Deployment Split the table into 6 sections. The enemy must roll a d6 for each unit and place them in that section of the table. The Tyranid player does not deploy anything, but must decide what is entering the table turn 1 and what is staying in reserve. The enemy cannot have any reserves.
First Turn Tyranid player has first turn.
Objectives Place one Objective in the center of each section.
Game Length Random
Special Rules "They are all around us!" - Tyranid units entering play must roll the d6 and enter in that section of the table.
"All or Nothing" - All units count as scoring units in this mission.

2. Wave Assault
Deployment Roll off to decide the enemies long table edge. The other three table edges will belong to the Tyranid player. Before the enemy deploys, the Tyranid player must split his force into 3 waves. At least 1 unit must be in each wave. The enemy can deploy anywhere on the table as long as they are at least 12" from the Tyranid players board edges. The enemy may place any number of units in reserve. The Tyranid player cannot have any reserves.
First Turn The Tyranid player has the first turn.
Objectives Place 1 in the center of the table and one 18" from the center of each Tyranid board edge. (4 total)
Game Length Random
Special Rules "Wave Attack" - The Tyranid player must randomly select (ie roll) for which wave will enter on turn 1. The entire wave must enter from the same board edge. It can be any of the 3 board edges available. On turn 2, the Tyranid player must again randomly select which of the remaining 2 waves will enter. The final wave enters on turn 3.

3. Infestation
Deployment Roll off to see who picks the table quarter the enemy will start in. The Tyranids deploy first anywhere that is more then 12" outside the enemy deployment zone. Both sides may keep units in reserve.
First Turn On a roll of 2 or more, the Tyranids go first.
Objectives None - Kill point mission.
Game Length Random
Special Rules "Adapt or die" - All Tyranid units have the stealth special rule (+1 to cover saves).
"Tyranid Fighters" - The enemy units all have preferred enemy special rule.
"Tremors" - due to this being the final stages of a Tyranid assault, tremors are wrecking havoc on the planet. All terrain is dangerous terrain.

Imperial Guard

1. Prepared Assault
Deployment Roll off to pick table halves. The enemy deploys first anywhere in their half. The Guard player deploys second 18" away from the enemy in their half. No reserves for either side.
First Turn On a roll of a 2+, the Imperial Guard go first.
Objectives Place one in the center of the table and one 12" behind it in the enemies deployment zone.
Game Length Random
Special Rules "Stray Rounds" - This assault is part of a massive offensive. Cut out 3 small squares. These are there stray rounds. The Imperial guard get 2 and the enemy gets 1. During each shooting phase, the player may drop their stray rounds from anywhere at least 36" over the table. Where ever the round lands, place a large blast (str8 ap3 ordance barrage) template over it and work out any damage if it hits anything.

2. War of Attrition
Deployment Split the table into halves and roll off to pick sides. The enemy deploys first anywhere in their half. The Imperial Guard deploy second anywhere in their half. No units can be kept in reserve.
First Turn On a roll of 2+, the Imperial Guard goes first.
Objectives Destroy the other side! Add up the points values of all units completely destroyed. Whoever destroyed the most wins.
Game Length Random
Special Rules "Unlimited Reserves" - For each side, whenever a troop choice gets destroyed, it may go back into reserves and enter play again. Please note units that have been wiped out may not use any deep striking or outflanking rules when they re-enter and troops with a dedicated transport will not get another transport upon entering again.

3. Trench Warfare
Deployment Pitched battle. Roll off for side and the enemy deploys first. Only troops w/out transports and heavy support may be deployed. All HQ/Elite/Fast Attack / Mechanized Troops start in reserve.
First Turn On a 2+, the Imperial Guard go first.
Objectives Defore deployment, a d3+2 objectives are placed. The Imperial Guard player places the first one, then the enemy and so on. Each objective must be more then 12" apart from other objectives.
Game Length Random
Special Rules "Dug-In" - All units that start deployed in the open are assumed to be occupying prepared defensive positions. As long as they don't move, they count as being in area terrain that provides a 4+ cover save. This is lost as soon as that unit moves.
"Obstacles" - Each player gets a d6 obstacles to place. This can be either razor wire or tank traps. Razor wire counts as dangerous terrain for infantry and tank traps provide a 5+ cover save to infantry while preventing tanks from passing them. Skimmers can fly over tank traps.

I'll add Space Marines and Tau later.
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Non-Standard Missions
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